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More Power, More Mileage

wind power.

Better air flow
Better power


Tornado Air is a car part that creates a vortex of air inside the car's air intake system. The air vortex swirls oxygen and fuel molecules together for a better burn inside your engine's combustion chamber. Now with a lifetime satisfaction guarantee, we encourage you to try the Tornado.


Clean Air

Despite the oil industry's efforts, Tornado Air is one of few car parts available to the general public and commercial sectors for gas savings.

Our Customers

Have included AutoZone, Department of Defense, PepBoys, NASA, city governments, and people all around the world enjoying gas savings.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Not happy with your results? We're happy to take it back. Tornado Air comes with a lifetime satisfaction guarantee and lifetime warranty.

ABC10 News

The Chevy now gets 12.2 MPG, a savings of 11%. Based on this, I’d recommend the Tornado.
— Reporter Juliette Vara, ABC-10 San Diego

in California

We saw our Chevrolet Impalas increase 3 miles per gallon. Thank you.
— Boise Police Department, Fleet Manager
In my 40-years living the automobile service life, I can’t remember any automotive product that was so in-expensive and maintenance-free as Tornado and delivered such positive results.
— Bobby, The CarClinic


Tornado installed easily and improved fuel mileage.
— National Automotive Expert
My sister swears by this saying it absolutely works. She bought my dad one and he said he noticed a difference too.
— Toyota Tundra Forum
Tornado Air™ System is only available at our online shop.