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More power, more mileage.


Tornado improves air efficiency by creating a vortex of air, so your engine can breathe better. Tornado increases your vehicle's mileage by 1-2 MPG points, so your cars can go further, an extra 30-50 miles, with each and every fill up.


The Tornado, it was the clear winner in our test. Normally the Chevy Van gets eleven miles per gallon, now it gets 12.2 MPG. A savings of about 11%. Based on this—I’d recommend the Tornado.
— Reporter Juliette Vara, ABC10 San Diego

More Smiles Per Gallon

 Testing & results courtesy from a California Environmental Protection Agency approved emissions labs. *Actual mileage results will vary.


* Pro tip:  We recommend resetting your car's average MPG calculator and logging total miles driven per each tank fill-up at the gas station to calculate your gas savings.


Pays for itself

Improved airflow into your engine's combustion chamber creates a better mixture between oxygen and air-fuel particles, creating a fractional increase in power and mileage. Over time, the fractional increase in power and mileage results in savings.


Approved & Approved

We saw our Chevrolet Impalas increase 3 miles per gallon. Thank you.
— Boise Police Department, Fleet Manager
In my 40-years living the automotive service life, I can’t remember any automotive product that was as in-expensive and maintenance-free as Tornado—and delivered such positive results.
— Bobby Likis, The CarClinic Network
With today’s high fuel prices, you’ll need all the help you can get with fuel economy. And that’s exactly what Tornado does. Installs easily and immediately improves drivability and fuel mileage.
— Sam Memmolo, National Auto Expert & Master Mechanic

Tornado is currently only available at our online store.