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You deserve better mileage.
And so does your car.


Tornado is a gas-saving device that creates a "funnel of air" that maximizes airflow into your engine. Tornado increases your vehicle’s fuel efficiency by 1-2 MPG points, so your car can go an extra 30-50 miles per fill up. Yes, that's every fill up. Some drivers have reported an extra 100-miles per tank. Think about that for a second.


Pays for itself

Improved airflow into your engine's combustion chamber creates a more efficient mixture between oxygen and fuel, creating a fractional increase in power and mileage. Over time, the fractional increase in power and mileage results in annual savings.


Vehicle Measuring Service

Let us do the measuring for you and we'll send you the right Tornado size. Guaranteed to fit.


Original Equipment Manufacturing

Tornado’s technology is utilized by the world’s largest auto-manufacturers, like General Motors and Mercedes-Benz, to benefit from the gas-saving effect of a wind vortex. Order yours today and start saving.


More Smiles Per Gallon

Test results are from a California Environmental Protection Agency approved emissions labs. 

Do the math and Tornado pays for itself in just a couple months


(We're updating our vehicles, so send us an e-mail if your vehicle would be interested in the research.)
Actual mileage results will vary, test results are for estimates only.


Tornado is currently only available at our online store.