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How Does Tornado Work? _______________________________

TORNADO is a non-moving turbine shaped device, which creates a vortex or swirling effect to the engine. The result is improved airflow into the engine combustion chamber, causing a more efficient mixture between air and fuel.

Proven Results _____________________

TORNADO has been tested at a CARB recognized club demonstrating an average increase of 1 to 2 MPG. It pays for itself in a short time. See our payback schedule and discover how you can benefit.

TORNADO News _____________________

Tornado is supported by many automotive experts, including Sam Memmolo, co-host of Two Guys Garrage on the Speed Channel. Memmolo recently sat down for an interview with and said: "My listeners provide the greatest testimony about the effectiveness of Tornado".

Click here to read the complete interview with Sam Memmolo.

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