Simple Installation guide

Below you will find a simple guide, which is a basic representation of where and how the TORNADO unit is installed. Also listed are some frequently asked questions about the product.

CAUTION: Work gloves must be worn when handling and installing the unit.

Carburetor/T.B.I. Type
Remove wing nut from the air cleaner housing. Lift top off to expose the air filter element. Install the TORNADO. Reinstall the air cleaner top and that's it.

Fuel Injection/E.F.I. Type
Remove air inlet hose, located between throttle body & air filter box. Install TORNADO unit. Making sure it fits snug & tightly inside the hose. Replace hose and secure clamp.

IMPORTANT: KI unit should fit snug and tight inside the hose.
PLEASE NOTE: Unit comes in 5 millimeter increments.

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