HD Work Trucks

Driving is a part of everyday life. For some of us, it's work. And for work, there's work trucks. Then, there's work trucks and there's heavy-duty work trucks. Tornado Air works great on all types of trucks, including work trucks and heavy-duty work trucks driven by small businesses like independent contractors who drive to off-site work locations transporting materials and providing services.

Today, a 2016 Dodge Ram 3500 Laramie Edition benefits from the Tornado Air. Installation was simple, the large air intake was located on the left-side. It took less than a minute to loosen the clamp and another minute to securely install the Tornado Air unit in place.

Small businesses can benefit by adding Tornado Air to your work vehicles. Unlike passenger cars, work vehicles have larger engines and consume more gas. Large engines multiplied by the total number of your work vehicles, equals your monthly gas expense. The great thing about Tornado Air is there's no maintenance or cleaning of the unit. Installation takes 5 minutes and it's that easy. Once Tornado Air is installed on your work vehicles, you notice the difference while reviewing expenses from your new accounting software. The extra savings can pay for things like, say, a holiday dinner for your employees and their families.