Which Tornado do I order?
Choose your vehicle manufacturer and enter your vehicle information, or if you know your air intake measurements, you can order parts by size.

If you have a performance air intake or carbureted engine, you must order from the Parts Store

What kind of mileage results can I expect?
30-60 extra miles

Most customers see an increase of 1-2 MPG, some more than others. Your mileage and results will vary.

How does Tornado Air work?
Great question

Tornado Air works by mixing cool air from the outside with warm air from the engine through its turbine design. The naturally occurring air-vortex phenomenon then starts amplifying air currents and compressing the combustion ratio of oxygen to air-fuel molecules, resulting in more power and more mileage.

What's my part number?
Part numbers are no longer being provided

What about my performance air intake and air filter?
Works great

Tornado Air provides great results when installed with a performance air intake system and air filter. Measure your air intake and order the parts directly from our online Parts Store.

Can I add a second unit?
Yes, it's recommended

We recommend installing a unit by the air filter box and another by the throttle body for better results

How long does Tornado Air last and does it need maintenance?
Zero maintenance

Tornado Air lasts a lifetime and doesn't need any maintenance

Do I need to measure my air intake system?
Modified air intake systems, yes
Factory vehicles, not usually

Measuring your air intake is recommended. For more information, view our online measuring guide below or contact us

‡ Not compatible with Electric or Hybrid Vehicles

Where can I purchase Tornado Air?
Only at our online shop

Tornado Air used to be available at your favorite automotive retailer until they were pulled off the shelves

What if I'm not satisfied with my results?
If you're not happy, we're not happy

Contact us for a Return Merchandise Authorization within 30-days. All international orders are final.

Is Tornado Air easy to install?

Tornado Air installs easily in 5-10 minutes. For more information about installation, view our install guide below.

Does Amazon or eBay carry Tornado Air?
Caveat Emptor

Beware of fake products (and fake people). Purchase authentic Tornado Air products via our Online Store

Why would Consumer Reports publish a negative article about Tornado Air?
Fake Reports

Short Answer:
Because they don't want you to save gas

Best Guess:
Because they installed Tornado Air backwards on their dummy vehicle

Because they're linked with Oil Companies


What about my Mercedes AMG?
Not compatible

If you're looking to save gas on your Mercedes, you probably shouldn't be driving one.