How do I know which Tornado Air to order?


Is ordering online on your website safe?


Your credit card information is not stored anywhere on our servers.

Payments are processed through, a leading online merchant services provider who employs industry leading technology and certifications like PCI Level 1, the most stringent certification. Our website partner is, who flexes multiple tools and methods to cross-guard our online store, including network hardware defense against Cross-Site Scripting (XSS), SQL Injections, Denial of Service (DoS and DDoS) attacks for all you computer nerds and agency security contractors.

In other words, we're not getting hacked and customer information isn't even stored on our website.

How come some online websites say 'it doesn't work?'

Organized Cyber Crime

Libel and slander is illegal.

It is known that organized groups of "cyber thugs" with security clearances have been creating usernames on car forums and online market places to submit libelous comments.

Take a look at these comments on the Ford F-150 community forum. These people haven't even tried using the product and their comments are absurd. The forum admins posted a technical topic titled, "Does the Tornado fuel saver really work?" Then, our customers responded. We archived the forum topic and comments in case "it disappears."


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What kind of mileage results can I expect?

At least 1-2 MPG

Most cars see an increase of 1-2 MPG. Some cars see even better results, especially SUV and trucks. Tornado Air's official mileage rating is up to 15% in gas savings.

What's my part number?

PNs have been outdated and we no longer provide them

How exactly does Tornado Air work?

Answered by Automotive Industry Expert
& Certified Master Mechanic


The Tornado works on the simple principle of creating a swirling air motion or “Tornado” effect on the incoming air stream. Anytime you make the air move around an object, or cause it to swirl or spin, there is an increase in air velocity.

This is exactly what generates “LIFT” on an aircraft wing, and how the booster works in a carburetor’s venturi. This is Bernoulli’s Principle, and is used in conjunction with Newton’s 2nd law.

The Tornado is actually a vortex generator that can improve the airflow in the intake manifold. Many Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) use this technique to improve engine efficiency in current models. The first example is Ford's 3 valve Triton 5.4 Liter engine with variable valve timing.

Ford's elaborate system uses vortex generating flaps that are on common shafts operated via a bellcrank which is connected to a bi-directional DC motor. The motor receives a signal from the PCM or engine management computer, and activates the shafts to position the vortex generating flaps.

Mercedes-Benz uses a similar setup, and refers to them as "Tumble Flaps." Again, nothing more or less than flaps designed to create a "vortex" or swirl the air to improve engine efficiency. For those "non-believers," below are some photos to demonstrate the use of a vortex generator in an OEM intake manifold. Can you identify the application?

Thanks Sam!
Your friends at Tornado Air

"Many Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) use this technique to improve engine efficiency"
Photos courtesy of Sam Memmolo. Pictured: OEM Air Intake Manifolds

Will Tornado work together with my aftermarket air intake and air filter?

Works even better

Tornado provides even better results when teamed up with an aftermarket air intake and filter. Be sure to measure the (I.D.) Inside Diameter size of your aftermarket air-intake and order the right size Tornado from our Parts Store.


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What's that I hear about 2X Tornados?

Even better performance

If you want maximum air velocity, we suggest measuring your throttle body for a second installation there and also by your air filter box. 2X units will improve mileage and power significantly. Some vehicles have dual air intake systems and will require 2X units, i.e Infiniti G-Series which can handle up to 4X units.


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How long does Tornado last and does it need maintenance?

Zero maintenance

Tornado lasts a lifetime and doesn't require any maintenance or replacements.

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Is Tornado one-size-fits-all?


There are several sizes, but only one that will fit your air-intake.

You can measure your own air intake, by opening it up. It takes 5 minutes. You'll need to measure the inside diameter size (I.D.) of your air intake tube or throttle body opening. See measuring guide here →

Tornado Air is not compatible with Electric or Hybrid Vehicles.


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Where can I purchase Tornado Air?

Exclusively at our online shop

Tornado was available nationwide at your favorite automotive retailer like Autozone, Pepboys, Kragen, and NAPA — before they were pulled off the retail shelves in an attempt to block the public from access to gas saving products. Worked so well, it had to disappear. We'll see about that, won't we? 

What if I'm not happy with my results?

Send it back

Your purchase includes a satisfaction guarantee. If you're not fully satisfied, contact us within a 90-day window for a return.  To be eligible, you must have purchased a genuine part from our online store and the unit must be returned in its original packaging in new condition. Damaged units and/or units without the packaging are ineligible for return.


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Is Tornado Air easy to install?


Install takes about 5 minutes with a phillips head driver.

For good results, install Tornado Air by the Throttle Body right before the butterfly valve. For great results, install two units, (1) by the Throttle Body, and (2) by the Air Filter Box.


Do you sell Tornado on auction sites?


Fake products are not covered by our warranty and will soon break after purchase. Genuine products are welded together in the USA and aren't coming apart. Beware of knock-offs available online that are made in another country. Yes, there's also a chance you'll receive the wrong size and have to deal with auction returns. We all know how that goes. Cheap products can come apart in your air intake and ruin your engine, caveat emptor.


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Why would Consumer Reports publish a biased viewpoint?

Pro-Oil Agenda Operations

Short Answer: 
Because they don’t want you to save gas

Best Guess:
Because they installed Tornado Air backwards on their dummy vehicle

Our Conclusion:
Because they’re linked to Oil Companies

Be aware of the media and the "public interest" organizations


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What about my Mercedes?

Not compatible

If you're looking to save gas on your Mercedes SL63 AMG, you probably shouldn't be driving one.

Will Tornado Air void my vehicle's warranty?