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Better power

Tornado Air

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Enables 1-2 MPG
Drive an additional 30-60 miles per tank and increase up to 15% in mileage

Improves drivability
Immediate upgrade in driving acceleration and power. Take notice on the highway.

Your results will vary‡

From the lab
Tornado's Air Technology was developed inside a major auto-manufacturer's R&D lab 6

To your engine
Tornado Air is also compatible with motorcycles, boats, motor homes, recreational vehicles, farm tractors, and city buses.

Cuts your gas receipts
Also reduces environmental impact. Results provided by a California State sanctioned testing facility 5

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Simple install
Takes about 5 minutes to install with simple tools

No maintenance
No moving parts, no replacements, and no adjustments required.


Saves you money
Tornado Air is the least expensive upgrade that keeps on saving for you 3

Pays for itself
At just $79, the Tornado Air System will save $95 the first year in gas 4




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Made in USA

Designed in California

Pays for Itself

In 3-6 months,
based on the average commute 1